How to build a tennis court is a question asked by many who play tennis, whether in an amateur or professional setting. The answer to this question varies from person to person, how some people have knowledge and so much space, while others may have little or no room and therefore have to make do with what they have. You will be surprised to know that tennis courts can be made to order without having to break the bank, as long as you have the right tools and the right know-how. However, before starting to build a tennis court, it is important to consider how a tennis court is constructed, as not all court arrangements are suitable for all types of players. For example, while it’s fine for a teenager to play on the tennis court as the courts are relatively small, you’ll find that young tennis players and those with other physical conditions like arthritis may find it difficult to play on a small court. and therefore it is very important to have the right court size to suit their needs.
The cost of building a tennis court depends on factors such as field conditions, structural members and infrastructure materials required including: court drainage, soil and surface type, and whether your proposed tennis court will be a commercial or residential facility. Also, whether your proposed tennis court will be a public or private facility has a direct impact on cost. Public tennis courts are often designed with the needs of the local environment and community in mind, while private tennis courts are normally specifically designed to increase property owner investment. As with most things in life, it goes both ways.
Other elements included in the cost of tennis courts include the type of playing surface; lawn, clay, concrete, etc. whether it will be; and whether the playing surface will be half-court or full-court. The type of fencing required for indoor facilities, whether wrought iron, vinyl, etc. will affect the overall costs. Finally, any sound absorption or noise control measures taken by the venue will also affect the final cost.

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